The European Organisational Research Group provides a wide range of consulting services on organizational development and management training, tailored on the specific history and culture of each individual company. We support businesses during planning and implementation phases, guaranteeing high-level and certified standards of quality. Our scope of action refers in particular to the Organization and Development of Human Resources.

The Cittadella Business School is our school of high specialization in Europe, which prepares managers and professionals with high employability, thanks to a pragmatic didactics and teachers of high business recognition and expertise in the field.


In addition to that EORG supports the development of key projects for the company: Assessment of People’s Potential, Management Appraisal, Talent Management, Analysis of Organisational Climate, Career and Succession Plans, Change Management, etc

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HR Potential Assessment

HR Training

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The European Organisational Research Group has structured an important segment called Finance and Corporate Reorganisation.
The work carried out in this unit is done by researchers, trainers and/or consultants on two branches:
We make available to small or large organizations analysis and organizational development actions, staff sizing and evaluation of the efficiency of services by modelling different scenario solutions for companies that want to recover margins from well-defined structural shifts.

Corporate Reorganisation

Climate Analisys

Digital Change Management