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June 19, 2019

Cesare Trisciuzzi (Senior Manager – NPE Optimization, Liquidity and Capital Relief, Industrial Planning) - BANCA POPOLARE DI BARI

I met Mr. Facciotti and his team during an assessment process organized by Banca Popolare di Bari in order to identify the most promising young talents. The assessment has been a tricky challenge regarding different phases of management situation on a team and personal basis (i.e. board of directors, management meetings, business discussions, decisions on strategy and project implementation, creation and development of new ideas, team and personal organization, communication). The assessment process has been clear and stimulating and was based on one-to-one interviews and case studies in order to assess self-awareness, discover individuals’ behavioral drives and needs, compare different people, understand how they work together, ability to coach and develop employees, evaluate how well we motivate and organize our team. I found Mr. Facciotti and his team highly smart, prepared and focused, his feedback has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in a very smart way. My profile as a young professional has benefited by his feedback  both on psychological, organizational and motivational sides.

August 17, 2016

Paolo Copiatti (Head of Human Resources) - BANCA INTERMOBILIARE

Paolo Copiatti (Head of Human Resources - Banca Intermobiliare)
"I worked with Giovanni a few years ago on human resources development projects. I have always considered him highly professional with a wealth of interesting ideas that we have worked on together with good results. I want to personally thank him for the constructive exchange we have established. This allowed me to consider what we were experiencing from a perspective different than my own"

July 11, 2016

Mario Danuso (Corporate Area Manager) - MAURO DANUSO

Mario Danuso (Corporate Area Manager - Sparkasse)
"I met Mr. Facciotti on the occasion of a coaching session organized by my bank. I immediately noticed how available and empathetic he was in carrying out his work. He is very knowledgeable and has a direct and immediate approach, he makes one feel comfortable during discussions without putting up obstacles during exchanges of opinions.    He is assertive and extroverted; he combines a solid operational approach with a remarkable predisposition for "one to one” human contact

September 26, 2016

Ezia Anatriello (HR Recruiting & Training Specialist) - CEDACRI GROUP

“I owe to Giovanni Facciotti the start of my professional career in the company and most of what I know today about the world of HR.

Creative, intuitive and quick-thinking, he has been a constant source of ideas and motivation during the two years I spend by his side as staff in HR Selection, Training and Development.

A keen observer and true expert on human behaviour, he has been a teacher to me, besides being a Manager.

I owe to our exchange of ideas and conversations, to the constant analysis of the facts, techniques, methods and behaviours and to the shared sensitivity that reaches the heart of the people, the wealth of my experiences in the company to this day."

March 22, 2016

Vincenzo Gallo (Head of SME) - BANCA DEL PIEMONTE

I cannot ignore the fact that my professional growth has benefited from Mr. Facciotti’s actions. He was able to identify my skills, including personality and behaviour traits, needed to fulfil my new role meeting the requirements of the organizational structure where I work.

I am not saying that those “skills” were not recognised, but they were certainly not adequately “exploited”.

…If I have a regret (a professional one).. is to have not met Mr. Facciotti earlier…

September 12, 2016

Federica Piller Hoffer ( Large Branch Manager) - SPARKASSE

I had the pleasure of attending a training course organized by my company on the subject of "Leadership and Followership". This experience allowed me to develop a range of organizational, decision-making and resource management skills that I was able to practise right away to improve the motivational and proactive attitude of the entire team. I am certain that this training experience will always be useful to me throughout my professional career and I recommend it to all those who manage resources or want to improve their organizational, delegation or leadership skills, and motivate their staff.

September 05, 2016

Emanuele Brutti (Branch Manager) - SPARKASSE

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Giovanni Facciotti in late 2015 during a coaching session offered to me by the company where I work. Though it was a short experience, it allowed me to strengthen some key concepts basic to my role and, in particular, it helped me understand that I was lacking a fundamental skill, one that I am still working on and is bringing amazing results.

Giovanni is a professional who has been of great help to me. With him I established a transparent relationship from the very beginning, he pointed out to me in clear terms the path I needed to follow to fill that gap that, unknowingly, I had been dragging along for some time"

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