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Image acquisition and data preparation expert (DaPreE)


The European Organisational Research Group is a Talent Finding, HR Assessment and Development company for large European groups. For many years, EORG has been investing in high technology forevaluation and development of middle and top management figures.
Its process of recruiting is a revolutionary Talent Finding and Assessment Strategies service and it bases the selective process on articulated phases of web assessments, which allow to respond to clients with a high depth of analysis in terms of technical, behavioural, and managerial evaluations.

Our client is a prestigious multinational corporation known for providing highly specialized professionalism and expertise in many sectors. It is spread over several locations worldwide, from where specific international projects are supported.
It planned to insert some professional profiles necessary to deal with new international projects.

The company wishes to evaluate qualified candidates in the role below:


Image acquisition and data preparation expert (DaPreE)


Knowledge and Skills


  • Expertise in imagery collection planning with Taitus SaVoir or other software.

  • Expertise on remote sensing platforms.

  • Working knowledge on satellite dynamics and orbitography.

  • Expertise on satellite classes and earth observation systems.

  • Working knowledge on remote sensing fundamentals.

  • Expertise on spectral bands and radiometry domains.

  • Working knowledge on electronic sensors: arrays and detectors.

  • Expertise on sensors capacities.

  • Working knowledge on digital imagery formation.

  • Expertise in digital imagery processing.

  • Expertise on geography fundamental and projections.

  • Working knowledge on imagery geometrical correction.

  • Working knowledge on imagery radiometric corrections.


Typical tasks and responsibilities


  • Planning, tasking and selecting the best sensors and satellites.

  • Choosing different sensors adjusted to the end product.

  • Pre-processing imagery to assist with the analysis.

  • Participation in meetings with the project teams.


Location: Poland

Availability for relocation

Prestigious job location

Duration: For at least 2 years
English language: Minimum level C1


Bachelor or Master's Degree (Geoscience / Geospatial Information Sciences / Earth Science / Exploration and Environmental Geosciences, and similar)

Minimum specific work experience: 2-5 years (depending on the role)

All role specifics, will be explored in depth at the interview stage depending on the position most in line with experience.
The contract is for two years, in the form of a freelancer assigned to a long-term project, with the possibility of extension.


LOCATION: Warsaw (Poland)

CONTRACT: 2-4 years term contract

AVAILABILITY: January/February 2022

Mail address:

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